Episode 1

Grounded by a malfunctioning ship a routine journey ends in near disaster. Faced with giant alient landscapes, a miniature visitor must explore his challenging surroundings to gather the resources to help him return safely home.

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An animated short by Louis du Mont

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Recce for episode 2

  Out and about taking photos around London to find some nice locations for the next episode of Visiting. NotContinue Reading

Storyboards for the 2nd episode done

Bit of a break while finishing up other projects but back on it and excited to get into the nextContinue Reading

Visiting Title Testing 2

Visiting Title Testing

I’m not totally sure what the end titles are going to look like as yet but had fun experimenting withContinue Reading

Light Shield!

Light shield animation completed in After Effects using Shapes, Turbulence Textures and Time Displacement to create the glitchy effect. ThroughContinue Reading

Vector HUD elements complete

The Visitors HUD elements are now complete, ready for positioning and distorting to fit the UV’s of the helmet. AllContinue Reading

New Dynamic Parenting tool

I’m very happy to of found out that the Rhiggit v2 toolset includes an awesome way of dynamically parenting itemsContinue Reading

Performing Markerless Motion Capture

I’ve now tried a few ‘budget’ markerless motion capture setups; 1/2 Microsoft Kinect’s and 4/6 Playstation Eye camera’s via Ipisoft’s tools. The PlaystationContinue Reading

Motion Capture using IpiSoft and Rhiggit Pro v2

Starting the motion capture process using IpiSoft markerless motion capture and Rhiggit Pro v2. Thankfully Rhiggit now comes with presetContinue Reading

Inside the lander

After laying out the second shot I realised we’ll see the inside and so far it’s just been a whiteContinue Reading