Performing Markerless Motion Capture

by Louis


I’ve now tried a few ‘budget’ markerless motion capture setups; 1/2 Microsoft Kinect’s and 4/6 Playstation Eye camera’s via Ipisoft’s tools. The Playstation Eye cameras requires some significant setup but allow for a larger area of capture and at a higher frequency (60fps at 640×480).  Two Kinect’s require a little setup but helps with occlusion (mostly arms swinging behind my torso). However I’ve come to really enjoy the process of using just one Kinect for creating motions for the Visiting character. The setup is minimal and full body motions can be captured in front of my desk, all be it a few meters away. I have found myself adjusting my behaviour a little over time when performing actions, namely widening my arms and legs to limit occlusion errors and ensure clear separation between limbs, I find this works well for ‘the visitors’ proportions and doesn’t subtract from the natural feel of movement.