Episode 1

Grounded by a malfunctioning ship a routine journey ends in near disaster. Faced with giant alient landscapes, a miniature visitor must explore his challenging surroundings to gather the resources to help him return safely home.

Press Kit / Vimeo / Youtube 4K

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An animated short by Louis du Mont

Creating HDRI environments


Unwrapping the multi-exposure boading ball using the awesome Flexify 2 plugin, that thankfully works in 32bit. The spherical unwrap will be used for a handy lighting reference and for the reflections on the various materials in the scene. I put together a little video about the process. Read the rest of this entry »

Test grade of the 4K footage!


Initial grading tests of the footage captured yesturday. Trying to stick to the cyan/beige colour palette that compliments the visitor character without getting too close to the orange/teal combo that people seem to have mixed feelings about. So far there’s not too much digital noise to contend with in the shadows and compression artifacts seem under control.

Shoot Day!


Up at 5am done by 3pm 🙂 It’s been a looong but productive day. Shooting mostly on the Panasonic Lumix GH4 with a variety of lenses in Cinema-D profile. I was also very happy that my laptop could playback the 4096×2160 video files without too much stuttering and a whole day of shooting only used 45GB of footage.

Visiting Catchup


Here’s an album of Visiting videos on vimeo with lots of early tests and breakdowns.